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Corrosion Condition Survey

Detecting The Existence Of Chlorides & Carbon Dioxide

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Corrosion of Steel in Concrete

Corrosion Condition Surveys

Embedded reinforcement is usually protected by the alkalinity of the concrete.

This alkalinity can be reduced by ingressing carbon dioxide and or Chloride Ions, reducing the protective film around the reinforcement and allowing corrosion to take place.

They cause significant damage and induce corrosion of the steel within the concrete structures.  If both processes occur the damage and repair strategies are more complex.

Corrosion induced damage is affecting many buildings due to the fact that reinforced concrete is so widely used. It’s versatility and durability, makes it an ideal construction material however on occasion the steel within can have a faster deterioration rate than expected.

The Chlorides and Carbon Dioxide can find their way into the beams of reinforced concrete structures for many reasons. These include; inadequate specification, poor construction or occasionally it is simply down to more adverse conditions than expected.

HTA Corrosion Condition Surveys Include:

  • Steel Reinforcement in concrete
  • Steel and Metal Investigation - Loss of section determination via Ultra Sonic Techniques
  • Half-cell Potential Readings
  • Resistivity Readings
  • Linear Polarisation Readings (LPR)

Henderson Thomas Associates & Our Corrosion Condition Clients

We have carried out Corrosion Condition Surveys for several companies including:

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