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Covermeter Surveys

Determining Concrete Cover & Construction Details

HTA are experts in determining the depth of concrete cover to reinforcement as part of a suite of condition tests to accurately determine the concrete cover, establishing the layout and estimation of diameter of the reinforcement for assessment purposes via the latest NDT technology

There are two distinct covermeter surveys that we offer to our clients; First, carrying out a minimum cover survey generally based on a 500mm grid pattern. Second, establishing the reinforcement pattern.

Don't believe the hype
to accurately determine bar type & diameter
exposure is the only option!

Minimum Cover Survey

Determining the minimum concrete cover to reinforcement is required as part of a condition survey. To enable calibration of readings a reinforcing bar with the lowest concrete cover is physically exposed and additionally used to enable other non-destructive tests to take place.

Exposure allows accurate calibration of the covermeter being used against actual measured depths and will allow examination for corrosion condition, actual bar diameter and type. HTA utilse an array of electromagnetic covermeters for this purpose. In certain instances the covermeter can instantaneously log covermeter records.

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Construction Details

Determination of the layout and characteristics of the reinforcing steel is required for assessment purposes. This type of survey has been miss-named as a ferro-scan survey. This incorrect name refers to a product and not a type of survey.

Covermeter Surveys by Henderson Thomas Associates - HTA

HTA utilises Ground Penetrating Radar "GPR" Technology for this purpose. As always it is the right tool for the job not one tool for every job! Therefore HTA utilise GPR alongside covermeters to give the correct combination of accurate measurement of concrete cover and GPR to ascertain locations.

GPR allows for the:

  • Accurate determination of reinforcement patterns
  • Changes in reinforcement diameter
  • Changes in depth of reinforcement
  • Detection of multiple layers of reinforcement
  • Detection of slab thicknesses
  • Detection of hidden defects such as voids
  • Determination of post tensioned ducts and their profile
All of which assists an engineer in making an accurate diagnosis.

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