We are still carrying out essential works on assets with additional safety measures.

Masonry and Brickwork Testing

From Chemical Tests to Mortar Strength

From Special Inspections using Impulse Radar to determine voidage and delamanation of masonry units, to carrying out surveys to determine masonry element size and dimensions by the extraction of small diameter masonry cores. Henderson Thomas Associates "HTA" has the expertise in Masonry Testing you require.

Chemical Type Testing required?

Other works include extraction of samples of masonry and brickwork for compressive strength determination and HTA can also test mortar for chemical type (Lime/OPC), and for mix proportion analysis, again to determine class (strength) of mortar.

Masonry Testing and Surveys

  • Extraction of samples to determine compressive strength
  • Mortar designation / strength testing

Bricks & Brickwork Testing

Need Brickwork Structures tested by the use of Extraction?

HTA Brick & Brickwork Testing works included

  • Crack surveys
  • Crack monitoring
  • Extraction and testing of bricks
  • Extraction and testing of mortar
  • Compression strength testing
  • Material type testing
  • Material class testing
  • Dimensional surveys to determine thickness by extraction of brick cores