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  • We are the UKAS Accredited PTSI & NDT Experts

Assessment / Sampling / Testing

Determining Build & Characteristic Details

From innovative NDT in the form of GPR to determine form of construction through to conventional intrusive investigations to acquire definitive evidence of construction make up.

The following lists give an example of the Assessment, Sampling and Testing work carried out by HTA, these lists are not exhaustive however give an idea of the range of investigations carried out. If what you require is not on the list, contact us and we will accommodate your needs.

Assessment includes:

Assessment / Sampling / Testing Investigations by Henderson Thomas Associates - HTA
  • Visual Survey - determination of condition
  • NDT via GPR - to determine form of construction
  • Intrusive investigations - to determine construction details & confirm NDT
  • Coring Investigations - determining thickness and make-up
  • Load Testing - to determine strength of entire element

Sampling includes:

  • Masonry / Brick unit
    1. - removal of entire unit for lab analysis
      - removal of core sample for lab analysis
  • *Mortar - removal of sample for lab analysis
  • Other - removal of wall ties, cramps and other elements

Care must be taken when extracting mortar samples as "surface sampling" can lead to incorrect determination of mortar type & strength.

Testing includes:

  • Compressive Strength Determination - testing of entire unit or core
  • Mortar Analysis - to determine strength of mortar (Mix Proportion Analysis via wet chemistry methods) & type
  • Chemical Analysis - lab testing of masonry unit to determine presence of ingressing materials

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