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  • We are the UKAS Accredited PTSI & NDT Experts

Wall Tie Inspections

Detailed Inspection of a Critical Safety Element

Our Wall Tie Surveys include the careful removal of masonry units to expose the Wall Ties. Then a visual survey of the condition and embedment depth, plus checking for correct installation.

Using NDT Technology alongside the careful removal of masonry units to expose the wall ties enables HTA to inspect the condition and embedment depth, determine the pattern to ensure specification compliance, plus check for correct installation. Where less intrusive techniques are required localised drilling and endoscopic surveys are utilised to undertake the inspection.

HTA hide the signs of site works
by colour matching bricks and mortar
maintaining the asset aesthetics

Wall Tie Inspections by Henderson Thomas Associates - HTA

HTA Wall Tie Surveys include:

The following list is not exhaustive however it gives an idea of the wall tie survey work carried out by HTA.

If what you require is not on the list, get in touch and we will accommodate your needs.

  • Non Destructive location of ties
  • Location Pattern mark-up
  • Careful removal of Masonry
  • Visual Inspection:
    1. determination of wall tie type
      determination of wall tie condition (corrosion, presence of mortar & damage)
      determination of embedment depth
      determinating the correct wall tie is in use
  • Removed Masonry carefully & correctly reinstated
  • Colour match on materials to reduce any visual signs of work

Why use HTA for your Wall Tie Surveys

HTA have been involved with several high profile cases. The accuracy of our testing and the understanding of the results has been paramount for the integrity of the wall as well as the continued safety of the public.

Therefore an experienced Testing Company such as HTA is vital.  Especially in the current climate where there are many building across the UK that have collapsed and many more whose state is unconfirmed.

The selection of the correct access equipment is vital to carry out wall tie surveys. HTA engineers are qualified and trained to safely erect and work on any access equipment required to complete the project

Wall Tie Surveys are undertaken

  • Schools, Universities and Colleges
  • MOD
  • Police Stations
  • Courts
  • Hospitals
  • Health Care Centres

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